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Sensei Charles A. Agens III (Yan Dan)

Began his Isshin Ryu karate in 1985, soon after getting out of the Army. Charles started working out in a racquetball court in Jefferson (New Jersey) studying under Mr. Pat Norris (no relation to Chuck). Wanting more than one class per week, Charles began attending another class in Mine Hill (New Jersey) studying under Sensei Lou Popek. Sensei Lou Popek later studied under Nick Adler. Charles also studied in Hopatcong (New Jersey) under Mr. Marvin Carmona. Charles started teaching in Rockaway (New Jersey) and moved with Sensei Popek to Newton (New Jersey) teaching for Black Dragon Karate. Charles achieved his 4th degree black belt from Sensei Popek.In 2008, Sensei opened his first school in Bushkill (Pennsylvania) called Black Dragon Karate Club. In 2009, Sensei started working out under Sensei Doug King 7th degree black belt out of Andover (New Jersey). Sensei King is a student of Sensei Bill Shank out of Carlisle (Pennsylvania). Charles has a diverse background in the martial arts, studying in many different forms including Ninjitsu, Akido, Judo, and Jujitsu.

Charles spent many years wrestling in the Byram and Lenape Valley school districts. Beginning his very accomplished wrestling career in 1972, he achieved District Champion, and winning third two times in the AAU freestyle competition. Charles also participated in the Mount Olive PAL (Police Athletic League) boxing, beating the golden glove champion at his weight and still retains the status of an undefeated boxer.

As a martial artist, Charles has won many Grand Championships as a black belt. He is also a full contact Bogu (with gear) Grand Champion. Charles has many honors. One memorable event was being asked to compete against the top rated Venezuelan traveling national karate team. Charles and his team mates proudly defeated the Venezuelans team.

Wanda Arendarski (Ni Dan)

Began her martial arts career at age 7, studying under Sensei John Stellingwerf. In 1986, she achieved her Sho-dan winning many tournaments in kata, weapons, and kumite. In 1992, she achieved her Ni-Dan in Goshin-Ryu. In 2006, Wanda began studying Isshin Ryu. In 2009, she achieved her Ni-Dan.

Wanda is a well know skier, achieving many state championship title in Giant Slalom and Slalom across the region. In 1988, at the age of 14, she won the Junior Olympics, being rated one of the top five ski racers in the world.

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